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Every time I look for accessories for the Le'Blanc Catalogue I think about the home and person that I'm choosing the piece for. I think about the story they're trying to tell and the feel they're trying to create. I firmly believe that we should never rush the process of making our house feel like a home… crafting a home takes time! Your house gets to know you and begins to reflect you with every piece that you place. When we rush this process we come back to a space that doesn’t know or feel like who we truly are. It should feel safe, comfortable and happy. You deserve to want to spend more time in your home than anywhere else. Each piece I've selected for Le'Blanc represents the luxury, quality and affordability that will allow you to fill your home with pieces that provide love, warmth and comfort, helping you create spaces that love you back.


I find that a lot of people feel overwhelmed with home décor, or don't really understand how to make their home feel like them without felling like they have to break the bank. You don't have to sacrifice style and quality to stay on a budget! Your space will feel like home when every piece you've selected speaks to you, and tells your story. When you see an accessory online or in the store and immediately envision where you're going to put it to make your space feel more complete, that's when you should buy! These carefully selected pieces will grow with you and your home over the years and will intertwine with your life and home to become invaluable memories and artifacts.
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