People often ask me, “Tasha, what is home to you?” It’s a tough question. A big question. And a really super duper important question. I never answer it lightly, and it took me a while to define it for myself. Here’s what I’ve got:

Home is a place where I can leave the BS behind. A place to regroup. It’s a safe place, a safety net, a calm sanctuary where my mind and body can rest and rejuvenate. 

Does your home feel that way to you? Is it a retreat or a war zone? A place to rest or merely a place to sleep? Home should be your paradise island, a collection of all of the best things in your life. Pictures of people you love, things you’ve collected over the years from travels or gifts from dear friends. A place of comfort where you can take off your uncomfortable work shoes, have a hot meal and hug your kiddos. 

Home is a feeling. A feeling translated into physical space. Your home tells your story. Your story shows up in the pictures you frame, the art on your walls, the postcards held up by magnets on your fridge, the way you arrange your couch just so to eliminate glare on the TV, that sculpture in the corner you bought on your honeymoon in Mexico, the Mother’s Day card your son made in kindergarten that’s still tucked into your mirror so you see it each morning. 

Home is a place you want to be. It’s not just a roof over your head but a place to recharge.

Le’Blanc Home Boutique is about creating a HOME, not a place to sleep. I strongly believe in a home with functionality and comfort. 



Make it functional or throw it out. Decluttering is good for your home and your mind. 

Make it functional or throw it out!

Decluttering is SO good for both your home and your mind. Holding onto things you need to clear out creates literal and metaphorical dysfunction. Literally your home becomes cluttered full of useless things so it’s more difficult and less efficient to use your space. And metaphorically your mind becomes cluttered as well, making it more difficult to think straight, manage stress, and even be on time for appointments! (Very Well Mind) If something doesn’t have a use for you (and yes, making a space beautiful CAN BE considered a use) then it isn’t serving your space. 

If you’re having a difficult time letting go of something you inherited -- I know it’s tough to get rid of things we’ve been left by people we love -- you could consider finding a way to update it to make it more functional or beautiful. Repaint that china cabinet. Repurpose those old plates into mosaic paving stones in your backyard. And if that’s not your jam, take a breath, be grateful for the gift, and let that stuff go. Getting rid of something you’ve inherited is NOT like discarding that person or your love for them. Be grateful, say thanks, and let yourself move on. 

Sometimes we feel safer with what we know, but that’s just acting out of fear. Let it go, feel lighter, and make literal space for growth. You may be surprised what happens. 



Home is a feeling of joy translated into a physical space. In my home people always feel cozy, comfortable, and invited in. I have candles lit and snuggly throw blankets to cuddle up on the couch with. I want to be comfortable always. I have my slippers near the door and put them on as soon as I come inside. My bed is always fixed in the morning so the home looks clean and inviting. 

What signifies comfort to you? How can you create a space that is yours? Start to envision a space that tells your story. A space that is functional, beautiful, and comfortable. A space you can’t wait to come home to and love inviting others into. 

Now that’s what I call home. 

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